Sorento 12m2

Our mid range unit continues the contemporary design of our range and extends the working space further, and again with excellent natural light creates an ideal working environment to cater for a larger working solution. This unit will also afford a greater degree of flexibility as to the range of options for which the unit can be utilised.

product dimensions

sorento garden office floor plan_ 
Front wall  4.01 m
Side wall  3.75 m
Area ~ 12 m2
Wall height  2.5 m
Height of roof  2.5 m
Patio doors 2×2 m 1 pcs.
Window 0.55×1.10 m 1 pcs.


product specifications

Insulation 100mm & 50mm Thermal & Acoustic – A Rating 
Wall Configuration  125mm
Windows & Doors Double glazing 
Furniture (Optional) Height adjustable desk, ergonomic chair & storage
Security (Optional) HKC Wireless alarm & External Sensor Light 
WIFI (Optional) Secure connectivity 
Financing Available over 3-5 years
Cost Prices will vary depending on final dimensions and specs
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