The Home2Work will help create a dedicated workspace
to better separate your home and work life.

Produced and tested in a factory environment from quality materials with contemporary clean lines design and craftmanship
these rooms will function perfectly for any activity from work to play in your home lifestyle.

Let that commute be a thing of the past while still maintaining a highly secure eco-friendly working environment
just outside your door.

Developed to last the test of time this style will fit ideally in your garden and will compliment existing and evolving garden designs.


We will take the hassle out of this project by managing the site inspection, installation, fit out and commissioning process on your behalf leaving you with a “Ready To Go” functional space.

Furthermore, the interior floor space is below the maximum 25 Sqm so therefore no planning permission is required.


With a high degree of insulation and high-quality glazing, these rooms will be warm and comfortable in our ever changing climate.

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